Journey through Time

The area under the Turkish rule was called “Tzem”. This area – not randomly – was chosen by the famous Ali Pasha of Ioannina in order to build his summer palace which was located just at the entrance of the current theater and extended up to the present church of the Holy Trinity. The palace was burned down by Ali’s persecutors during the operation for his extermination by the Turks.

Since then, this area was considered and still is the city’s best viewing point. In this location the small church of Agia Triada was later built and the whole area was named Agia Triada (Holy Trinity).

In this privileged place, at the 60s, the late Mr. Frontzos (Mayor of Ioannina, Ioannina MP and lifelong honorary president of the Company of Epirotic Studies), fascinated by the wonderful view and the natural environment, envisioned the creation of an innovative resort which would include 1 theater, exact copy of the ancient theater of Dodona (lower tier) with a capacity of 3,500 spectators, right next to a recreation area.

He soon implemented his vision and offered to the city of a huge cultural work. He transferred from his birth place, Mastorochoria Konitsa and Pyrsogiannis, elaborate fireplaces, stone scaffolds and carved columns, unique hand-carved ceilings, handmade bronze lamps, stone wells and other materials. With the skills and the assistance of architect Charisis, he composed and created an astonishing result, which in 2008 was fairly declared by the Ministry of Culture as a historic site and monument.

Through the passage of time the complete renovation of the complex became necessary. With much love and respect to tradition and to the vision of the inspirer, we undertook in 2005 the difficult task of the restoration and enhancement of this important complex, and we turned it into a traditional tourist complex which includes A’ class hotel, restaurant, cafeteria, conference rooms, an exhibition area for local products and a playground.


















…and now

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 1

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 2

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 3

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 4

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 5

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 6

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 7

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 8

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 9

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 10

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 11

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 12

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 13

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 14

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 15

Φρόντζου Πολιτεία - Σήμερα - 16

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